How much for a ‘WordPress Website Basingstoke?’

Excuse the obvious S.E.O. headline…

It’s hard to say a price until I take a brief, and it doesn’t really matter where you are based, because this is the internet.

Some people just want a single page with a few photos and their contact details, which is absolutely fine.  Some people have grander plans and don’t know where to start – which is also fine.

I will keep the process as straight forward as possible.

I can help register your domain and talk you through the hosting options.  I can offer a monthly maintenance plan, or leave you to it.  Whatever is best for you.

I say Basingstoke, because I ride my bike a lot and it’s easier to keep it local. I don’t mind taking the train though.

Start by calling Ian on 07557 376404 or send an email with any questions.